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Our aim is to provide innovative design and quality construction at an affordable price.

Whether a new garden or one that’s old and tired, nothing can lift a home or the spirits like a well designed, fresh new look to the garden. We can help with design ideas and examples of what could work in your outdoor space.

While the garden is often referred to as the room outside, it can in fact be a series of rooms with different themes and different moods. You can have the barbeque or party on the patio. You might want to sit in a quiet arbour to contemplate or read. Close your eyes, enjoy the aromas of the garden, listen to the water gently flowing, breathe the fresh air in deeply, relax and let the troubles of the world wash from your mind.

If you are more active-minded, you can always get up and do a bit of work in the garden and this can be therapy in itself. The view from inside your home is greatly enhanced and all of this without even considering the extra value it adds to your property.

The garden above all ought to be a living space. Be it for partying, relaxation, aerobic work, or a safe haven for the children to play in. It should be themed to suit your lifestyle. It can be designed as a children’s play area, or a night club if they are that bit older or a restaurant if dining is your thing. Above all, a garden should be a place where you leave the troubles of life behind and enjoy it for your own satisfaction.

Maybe it’s time to think about that patch outside and start to dream. Sometime dreams come true.

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